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Computer Programmers And Green Home Technologies

03/01/13 12:00 AM

One of the biggest concerns today for those associated with developing green computer technology is power use. The rising energy consumption of more powerful data centers, computers and mobile devices has experts searching for ways to reduce energy use. Most of the projects thus far have focused upon power save attributes and cooling systems.

Most would agree that omputer energy use is increasingly expensive and frustrating. In addition, there is far more at stake than wasted energy. There are some experts who believe that we are fast approaching the transistor on microchip limit. The dark silicon problem, as it is called, indicates that as computer speeds are enhanced with more transistors for each chip, there may soon be no way to supply the amount of power necessary for the chips to run all of these transistors.

To that end, the University of Washington sponsored a project whereby energy consumption could be reduced up to 50 percent, with the potential to cut as much as 90 percent. The EnerJ system approach is designed to work like a dimmer switch. In this way, some transistors would run at lower voltages and certain tasks would run on dimmer sections of the chip.

Ultimately, EnerJ is being developed to allow for the use of devices and longer battery life. In addition, computing centers would experience a significant savings on their energy costs.

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