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Green Homes Adapt To The People That Live There

26/12/12 12:00 AM

One of the many ways that green homes will revolutionize our living experience is that they can remember, respond, and adapt to the people that live there. Green homes are designed with computerized “nervous systems” that control all the home’s operations from a central point. This means that they are eminently customizable, and homeowners will be able to program them with amazing specificity. If they want it warm in the evening but the heat should shut off the second they walk out in the morning, the system will be able to do it for them.

The ability to store data on the people who live in the house will be native to the system, and it will be able to make certain observations about behavior and even predictions. Early risers and late risers will be accounted for, and if someone needs to wake up early on a weekday the house can open the window to let the morning sun in. It can set the water heater to warm up just the right amount of water for their shower, turn on all the lights as they walk into the room, and turn them off again when they leave. The savings on electricity and utilities will be tremendous.

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