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Proper Ventilation And Allergy Remediation In A Green Home

22/12/12 12:00 AM

Green homes will be amazing when it comes to ventilation. Responsive thermostats and web-enabled systems will let the house sense what quarter the wind comes from and open the right vents to catch it. The healthful use of wind power to clean the home and freshen the air will make green homes much more healthy. The air filters in green houses are more efficient than the filters in normal homes. By precisely controlling airflow the house stops a lot of particulate matter from getting into the ventilation system to begin with. The extreme efficiency of automated vacuuming systems also contributes to keeping the air clean.

This is extremely helpful to people with allergies and asthma. Other breathing problems are remediated by the constant supply of indoor fresh air, such as sleep apnea and bronchitis. The entire house will smell better, and there will never be pockets of “stale air” to build up harmful contaminants like radon. There will also not be as much mold to infect the atmosphere.

Green homes will contribute to livability in a lot of ways, but one of the most important will be the improvement of the air we breathe when we are indoors. Many of the health issues of the future will be solved by unfettered access to fresh air.

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